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Kinesiology 1080A/B

Ignore Spinal Cord Spinal Cord Connections with Extrafusal Muscle - Monosynaptic connection – one synapse - Neurons on M1 project to spinal cord can also project to propriospinal neuron or interneuron - Shares information – converging point and shares among alpha motor neuron – relays information from higher motor centers to multiple alpha neurons CC modulates - Descending motor pathway known as paramital tract – contains about 1 million fibre/axons – highly developed descending motor pathway – neurons start in M1, PMA , SMA, parietal lobe – direct connectivity to spinal cord – about ½ originate in M1 - M1 is by far the vast contributor - Motor neuron activity organized by cerebral cortex - Corticobulbar fibres – extend from the motor cortex to the ‘bulb’ (ie, the brain stem) - Bulbar tract – extends to bulb and controls below - Control facial musculature and muscles of mastication - Upper- and lower – motor neurons - Upper – neuron that arises in cortex and extend to brain stem - Lower – represents actual alpha motor neuron Same - Innervate both rostral and caudal parts - Facial nucleus is divided into rostral (innervates forehead) and caudal (innervates mouth parts) - Rostral part innervated bilaterally - Caudal part innervated contra
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