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Kinesiology 1080A/B

7 cranial facial - Bell’s Palsy o Influences alpha motor neurons that control lower facial muscle o Mononeurpathy involving lower motor neurons – specifically impact one neuron o Unilateral facial nerve paralysis o Involves upper and lower facial muscles o Can see it bilateral o Not chronic – but is specific – with specific impairments Important terms - Innervation – the distribution of neurons to a part of the body - Innervation ratio – the number of muscle fibres innervated by a single alpha motor neurons; can vary from a few to a thousand - Extrafusal fibres – power producing muscle fibres external with respect to muscle spindles - Intrafusal fibres – muscle fibres inside of the muscle spindles; innervated by a system of fusimotor neurons (y-motor neurons) Motor neurons - Alpha motor neuron – a neuron innervating power – producing, extrafusal muscle fibre - Motor unit – alpha motor neuron and all the muscles it innervates; a unit of force production in skeletal muscles - Much larger than y-motor neurons - Number of muscle fibres associated with a motor unit ranges from 10 (eye) to thousands (back muscles) Mo
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