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Lecture 13

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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

Disadvantages of the participative style 1. The time it takes to make a decision 2. Individuals can solve complex problems more efficiently then a group can 3. Desire for consensus can effect the quality of the decision & thus the productivity or performance of the group 4. Intragroup conflict due to self-interest can be detrimental to performance Implication of leadership  A coach must learn to adjust his decision style as the situation warrants. All coaches instinctively favor one style or another but should be competent at a variety of other styles and be prepared to use them when indicated Group Dynamics  A term used to depict the vitality and changing nature or a groups and t identify the field of study that focus on the behaviour of groups  Next to a family, a sports team may be the most influential group to which an individual belongs- it has an extremely strong socializing impact A sports team offers an ideal setting for research on group dynamics because:  It is a natural setting not laboratory setting  It can hold constant many confounding variables (size, rules of conduct, etc)  It provides an ideal context for studying co
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