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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

1Class 1 Monday September 9th 2013Objectives Of Sport and Exercise Psychology 1 Consider how psychological factors effect an individuals physical performance in sport and exercise2 Consider how participation in sport and exercise effects an individuals psychological development health and wellbeing3 Comprehensive Objective Carron 1980To obtain an understanding through description explanation and prediction of the BEHAVIOUR and PERFORMANCE of individuals and groups in sport and exerciseBEHAVIOUR a unique way of responding to ALL stimuli Respond different to a situation response of your own human bodyPERFORMANCE goaldirected behaviour for the purpose of short term execution of a discrete taskWhat are we doing to complete this task Orientations of Sport and Exercise Psychology1 BEHAVIOURAL behaviour of athletes determined by the environmentReact differently to the environmentMaking mistakes but reacts how to overcome it or give up depending on what you decide2 PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGICAL what happens when you do get tense study impact of physiological responses to activity on behaviour Swing and miss impacts your response and how it effects your performance3 COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL behaviour determined by ones interpretation of both environment and cognitions thoughts How you think in a certain situationProfessional Approaches Clinical Counseling eating disordersCrisis Intervention slump bustingPsychological Assessment base lines to work from thoughts behaviour what your thinking how you will approach the situationPerformance Enhancement how to change the way they think of their performance and behaviour ConsultationProgram Development PreventionTreatment of Injuries mental and physical injury how to get person mentally prepared to go backSport PsychologistVSSports Psychology ConsultantSpecialization in psychology asset in diagnose and treatmentSports Psychology What is it If we what to understand human BEHAVIOUR and PERFORMANCE in sport and exercise how do we go about studying them and what factors should be included in the study How Do We Learn 2 Visual need to see what is it they are supposed to be doingAuditory hear explanationExperimental get out there and actually do it we learn to perform a particular skill We all learn in different ways depending on the person LearningchangeExample of a Learning ProcessEx1 KOLBS LEARNING CYCLE1 Concrete Experience CE ActualFeeling 2 Effective Observation RO watching what happened3 Abstract Conceptualization AC make sense of itthinking 4 Active Experimentation AE try out elsewheredoingMethodsWays of Knowing Scientific MethodExperiment most common way observe what happens drawing conclusions Systematic Observation Single Case Study how does a person react in a specific situation observe a single personShared Public Experience ask people same question to see their different responses and how they react to itIntrospection ThoughtsFeelings how you feeling in that situationIntuition tacit knowledge what more logical Day 1 CompleteWednesday September 11th 2013 Class 2 Note Continued Ways of Knowing in Sport PsychologyAny Systematic study of sport psychology should include the following stages1 ObservationDescription what ishow to understand feeling good helps our performance Identify or define the essential characteristics we are trying to accomplish2 ExplanationAnalysis why attempt to provide reason for the findings in stage 1 how you felt after your exercise3 Prediction what will be what happens when you do this the next time depending on your day might not feel the same as your previous day use the knowledge obtained to predict future occurrences4 Control how can we what can we do to control our environment to feel the positive outcome again and again What can we control to change the behaviour or performance Scientific MethodFounded on the concept of Objectivity lack of biasresearchers are detached observers and manipulators of natureObserve what goes on with the subjects being testedIt is the process or mat hod of learning that uses systematic controlled empirical and critical filtering of knowledge acquired through experience
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