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Lecture 12

Lecture 12

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Kinesiology 2263F/G
Janice Forsyth

Lecture 12 F e b 0 2 Did sports emerge naturally? - No there didn’t - Cricket, golf, snowshoe were more popular than hockey in the 1800’s - There was no link to personal interest o It was tied to the industrial revolution (transportation, practical factors like affordable equipment) Before 1850s Before organized sports - “organized’ sport was for the elite - Montreal in 1807 was only 12,000 people o Montreal curling club was formed by the elight and the chaplin o Curled on the St. Lawrence river o Got together in January at a tavern called Gillis’s tavern and hung out and formed the club o Decided on the officers of the club (organized everything, rules) - MCC is the oldest established club! o Still going today o It was more a social club than a competitive o No one really knew how to curl (just a few of them) - It was the first intercity competition in NA (Quebec city) - First to have points, competition and award prizes - Other clubs that emerged after were based on this club. They set the model Montreal curling club - Motto: “how social the Game and how manly” - Initial club rules: o Section 1: play wed, noon to 3pm o Section 2,3,4,6: organization of dinners o Section 5: membership rules (max 20 members, admission by majority vote) - Only section 1 described rules of the game - Complete formal rules by 1820 - 1894: Ladies’ Branch Industrial urbanization Changes in early 1800s - 1814, Montreal British Imperial headquarters
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