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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Western University
Kinesiology 2276F/G
J.Paige Gregson

September 26, 2012 Lecture 8- Theories and Models of Exercise Behaviour II (Ch 4) Stimulus- Response Theory Objectives  Learn and understand other frameworks that appear prominently in exercise literature o Reinforcement principles o Behavioural Economics  Consider the Stimulus-Response Theory as an alternative to the social cognitive approach for explaining exercise behaviour o Exercise behaviour is not necessarily determined by thoughts and feelings about exercise, or even rational decision making How People Learn New Behaviours  Classical Conditioning o A ______________ behaviour can be elicited through repeated pairings of behaviour with an _______________________  Instrumental Conditioning o A ____________________ behaviour can be learned by pairing the behaviour with ____________ reinforcement Stimulus-Response Theory  ___________ exercise behaviour depends primarily on whether the exerciser experienced ________________ or _____________ ______________ following _______________ exercise bouts  4 types of events that can follow a behaviour affect future behaviour: o Positive reinforcement o Negative reinforcement o Punishment o Extinction Positive Reinforcement  An _________________ or _________________________ that makes a person feel good and that ________________ a particular behaviour o ________________ reinforcers: Rewards that come from within oneself o ________________ reinforcers: Rewards that come from other people (or that you give yourself) Negative Reinforcement  Generally ______________________ or _________________ stimuli that, when _____________ after a behaviour, will ________________________________ of that behaviour in the future Punishment  ______________________ or ___________________ stimulus encountered after a behaviour, _________________________ the probability of that behaviour happening in the future  Physically activity should _______ be used as punishment; otherwise, individuals will come to see it as highly aversive! Punishment  _______________________ a _______________ stimulus after a behaviour in order to ________________ the likelihood of that behaviour happening again in the future o Eg, ___________________ opportunities to soc
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