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Lecture 25

Kinesiology 3222A/B Lecture 25: lecture 25: ovary and uterus

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Kinesiology 3222A/B
Dan Belliveau

Ovary and Uterus Female Reproductive Learning Outcomes • Contrast the reproductive differences in gonads and accessory organs bw male and female • Describe the relationship bw the ovaries and uterus • Explain the ovarian and uternine cycles comparing events that occur during various windows in time Reproductive System Comparisons Similarities • Gonads - ovary vs testes • Gametes • Sex hormones (estrogen vs testosterone) • Latent development of reproductive organs (puberty) Differences 1. Gametes formed before birth • Male don’t start produce until puberty 2. Ovulation of one ovum at a time • vs males that ejaculate millions at a time 3. Reproductive period • Puberty - menopause 4. Menstruation • Discharge of menses 5. Menopause • Termination of ovulation/menstruation Reproductive structures Primary • Gonads (ovaries) • Produce gametes (ova) • Secrete sex hormones Secondary • Successful fertilization and development • Transporting oocyte Creating pathway for the fetus • • Offer nutrition to newborn • External genitalia • Vagina • Uterine tubes • Uterus • Mammary glands Uterine tube • Carry oocyte towards single midline uterus • Attached to vagina Internal Genitalia - Accessory Ducts • Ovaries (2) • Uterine tubes • Uterus • Vagina External Genitalia • Vulva/opening to vagina Ovaries Position and Function • Upper pelvic cavity • Suspended by mesovarium • Posterolateral to uterus • Follicles (cells that support developing gamete or oocyte) • Each contains an ovum • Ruptures upon maturation to release an oocyte o Oocyte released to peritoneal cavity Ovaries Attachments • Broad ligament • Supports female reproductive structures • Parietal peritoneum o Peritoneal fold bc it is an extension of the parietal peritoneum o Attaches to ovaries and uterine tube and large uterus • Mesovarium is ovary attachment o Ovary attachment o Supports ovary o Attached to superior surface of the ovaries • Attaches to ovary, uterine tube, and large uterus • Ovarian ligament • Ovary anchor to uterus medially • Each ovary is attached to the uterus by a paired connective tissue (ovarian ligament) • Suspensory ligament • Lateral pelvic wall attachments • Ovarian vessels travels through here • Houses ovarian blood vessels, lymphatics, nerves • Ovarian artery • From suspensory to uterus o Ovarian artery branch off of a vessel on the posterior abdominal wall • Uterine artery • Branch of internal iliac artery • Runs adjacent to uterine Ovary Internal Structure Corte
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