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Lecture 11

Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 11

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Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition rdLecture 11Monday October 3 2011 Diet AnalysisShow your work calculations o Will help out on the midtermPrint off o 2 bar graphs1macronutrients and calories energy1micronutrients y Need to know how your intake of these relates to recommendationsIMPORTANT CONCEPT MIDTERM AND FINAL o Large percentage of a small caloric intakemight not be sufficient o Large percentage of a large caloric intakemight be sufficient Nutrition and Exercise PerformanceSlide 4042VIDEOon website not going to be asked specific questions about it o How we produce ATP through Krebs and Electron Transport ChainHow products of Krebs Cycle are used in Electron Transport Chain o NADH goes to mitochondria y Rate at which you can form ATPdependent on how well you deliver oxygeno Why max v02importantWhy we quantify exercise intensity as a function of a percentage of your max v02 y 200possible to exercise at this intensity for a very short timeFuel use o What determines fatigue o You can exhaust the fuel you have in a single bout of exerciseIf you dont have enough gas or the wrong type of gas you wont go far o Fatiguedetermined by intensity and durationEx High jump1 jump y Dont need much energy using energy at a really high rate but its so shortwont run out of energy unless you havent eaten for weeksAs the exercise duration extends it becomes important because you use up CHO at a rate that may be able to deplete the store y Unable to produce ATP as quicklywill slow you down o If youre working at 50 of max v02Light jog
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