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Lecture 12

Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 12

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Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

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KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition thLecture 12Wednesday October 5 2011 CarbohydrateSlide 2Major fuelnutrient for intense exercise o If youre an athlete you need to understand the importance of CHOCHO is made of carbon hydrogen and oxygen o You dont need to know the structural formulaso The numbers on the structurescarbonsGlucose6carbon molecule which splits up into 2 3carbon molecules that go through glycolysis Krebs Cycle and may continue to oxidative phosphorylation CarbohydrateSlide 3 Complex carbohydrates old terminology o 3 or more sugar moleculesbetween 3 and 9oligosaccharidesmall CHOGlycogenfibrestarches o Thousands of glucose moleculesENORMOUS CHO o Not in just 1 long chainBut a lot of branch points y Globular chain in all directions o Starchesplants o Glycogenanimalso Humans can use starches or glycogen for future use as a CHO fuelIn muscle and liverwhere stored significantly The rest storedin glucose in fluids in the bloodsmall amount y However all stores eventually go through the blood o Ex If we start exercising and we have ingested CHO we will rapidly transport glucose to blood and use it from this ingested formsimultaneously the liver will release glucose stored as glycogen to the blood to replace the glucose that was used by muscle o Can keep doing this till the liver runs out of glycogenThen the blood glucose will drop because there is no source of glycogen to put glucose back in the bloodIf youre drinking a CHO sports drink you could actually absorb and utilize that CHO during the same exercise boutadvantages especially when you think youre going to run outManmade shortchain carbohydrate
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