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Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 31

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Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise NutritionthLecture 31Friday November 25 2011Nutrient IntakeSlide 64GraphIf you graph nutrient intake vs the number of people who are actually consuming the nutrientbellshaped curveBoth extremes cause dietary health riskEstimated average requirementfalls in middleThats what the average person is consumingRequirement for average personAdd a safety buffer to consume the RDAIf you exceed the upper limitcan start having problems as wellFor some micronutrientsUL isnt that highFortification or EnrichedSlide 65EnrichedWhen some of nutrients that are lost during processing are reintroducedBadThe more processed the foodthe worse the food isFortifiedAdding vitaminsminerals because we know that a specific nutrient is beneficialCan make a good product even betterFluids WaterSlide 2 3Water is the primary component of bodyyou consume many other fluids other than waterA very large percentage of your body mass is water5070largely has to do with how much fat and muscle you haveMuscle80 waterFatnot much waterEven if youre very obesestill 50 of your bodywaterMore important than foodcan go longer without food than waterCan adversely affect exercise performanceHypodehydrationDecrease in fluid levels in bodyIf you decrease your body mass by 2 your performance is already adversely affectedInfluences a whole lot of systems
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