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Lecture 4

Kinesiology 1080A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Dorsal Root Ganglion, Alpha Motor Neuron, Posterior Column

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Kinesiology 1080A/B
Matthew Heath

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Lecture 5 - January 16th 2019
-Eerent neurons descend in the dorsal column via
the front of the spinal column via the ventral root
ganglion (depicted in blue)"
Ventral root gangion contains axons associated
with alpha and gamma neurons"
-Ascending Aerent neurons Ascend in the ___ and
the information flows in via the dorsal root ganglion "
Complete loss of proprioception can happen
from damage to the dorsal root ganglion"
They must watch their limbs move otherwise they
are unable"
-Depicted here is an alpha motor neuron"
-We know this because of the relationship
between an alpha motor neuron and incoming
sensory information"
-1a aerent means sensory information from an
intrafusal muscle fibre about stretch "
-This has a MONOSYNAPTIC synapse with the
cell body of an alpha motor neuron"
Intrafusalmuscle fibres monosynapticly
connects directly to the cell body with
something that connects with muscle. Must be alpha, not gamma."
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Phrenology and Modern Neuroscience"
-Phrenology is a pseudoscience that believed that distinct regions of the brain were
responsible for emotions as depicted"
-Modern neuroscience depicts that dierent regions of the brain are responsible for
dierent sensory, motor, and behavioural functions."
They’re still in a way connected, it’s all about pinpointing structure vs. Function"
Cortical structures"
Occipital lobe"
-Centre of early, basic visual processing because it contains primary and secondary
visual processing areas"
Importantly, it contains the primary visual cortex "
-Heath calls it V1 (neuroscientific nomenclature)"
Sits at the back of your brain and is the size of a credit card"
Responsible for the earliest visual processing"
-V1 has this physiological property known as cortical magnification
-Relates to how we process visual information and the resolution that we need"
-In your eye at about two degrees is associated with your central vision, it’s
associated with high resolution vision. If you try to read out of the corner of your
eye, you can’t see as crisply. "
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