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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 Token Rewards As Motivators

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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Robert La Rose

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September 17, 2010
Kinesiology Lecture 3
Reward: “things” used to modify or manipulate behavior – material rewards
Reinforcement: Personal interactions verbal and non verbal (more info later)
Token rewards also known as:
- Behavoiur modifications
- Operant conditioning
- Token Economies
- **Contingency Management**
Contingency: Relationships between a behavior and its consequence
Contingency Management: The regulation of behavior by use of tokens to influence or alter outcomes
Examples of token rewards: Trophies, Food, Freedom, Love, Stars/decals, Free time,
Recognition, Privileges, Money
Undesirable Behaviours can be eliminated through use of token rewards.
Eg text p.134 change behaviours of a swim team
o Made an attendance board (Public - when u get there you sign in)
o Group competition (intensity)
Desirable behaviours can be enhanced through use of token rewards
Eg text p. 134 Improve supportive & positive communication and increase shooting proficiency of
ball team.
- point system for incidents and success in practice, everyday public posting of points earned, so
whenever something nice was said they got a point and were rewarded
Token rewards have a spillover effect on non-target behaviours.
Eg. Jones, 1977 improve skills at a summer ball camp
- Earn colored rings for skill execution that can be exchange for a variety of rewards at tuck shop(store)
Others observed spillover effects from the research
- Satisfaction and enjoyment
- Attendance and promptness
- Interest and attitudes improve
- Conformance to rules and regulations set up by the team
- Social interactions between coach and the team improved
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