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Lecture 23

Kinesiology 2241A/B Lecture 23: Lec. 23- Impacts in Biomechanics

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Kinesiology 2241A/B
Michael Agnew

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Lec. 23: Impacts in Biomechanics
Plastic Collision: Two objects collide and form one after the collision
Yield point: Tissue testing model, occurs when there is excessive loading
causing complete tearing of the (tissue)
Bodies and Sports
- Some body types offer sport advantages
Taller bodies are better at swimming
Taller bodies are better at pitching (faster fast balls)
Smaller bodies are better at figure skating (requires less moment
inertia of the radius of the limbs)
Tennis Racquets
- Electronic sensors placed throughout the racquet to determine impact
points and the strain of the impact on the strings
- Confirms that spin has relevance to success in tennis
Coefficient Of Restitution
- 0.0 1.0
- Measures the energy change with respect to displacement
- Perfectly elastic impacts do not exist
Energy is transformed from PE (SE) to KE
But can also be lost as acoustic energy and heat energy
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