Kinesiology 3378F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Maxine Kumin, Front Crawl, Exaggeration

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The Participant
What’s it like to engage in or play sport? In terms of meaning, how do you
convey it to someone
How do writers perceive sport from participant perspective?
Note: not everything you look at has to be viewed from a literal sense – look
more at the universal or personal level
High Diver by Robert Francis
“Passes from resting bird to flying bird to fish” – why describe as bird?
oDivers spread arms like a bird when they dive – hit the water and look
almost like a fish – there are transitions for what people do – we often
don’t think of the transitions in this way
oTransition from one phase to the next
Rippling and responsive lies the water
2 poems for you to do…
Sky diving and sky diver .. compare these to High Diving re structure; images
painted; perspective techniques used to help us sense these sports
Charles Smith - 400 Meter Freestyle
Atlas job – stand and hold the whole world forever – author says “atlas, you
would buckle from the strain”
oHyperbole – convey a sense of what its like to be in a sport, Smith does
this by exaggerating
Dark piano descending from on high
oHit the wall – have lactic acid, glycogen stores gone – extremely
difficult to continue
oBlack piano – pushing so hard he feels he may pass out
400-Meter Free Style by Maxine Kumin
Note; free style normally means front crawl
The author uses a unique style to make the poem structure resemble
someone swimming down a lane and turning around and going back the
Geroge Abbe – The Passer
This poem does not work literally
Very difficult to get into the sense of this unless you have played football
Literally: quarterback making a pass, comparing the football in his hand as a
bullet and his arm the gun
Bullets and footballs spiral quick around an axis – metaphor
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