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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B
Kevin Thompson

November 14 Readings/Class Notes – MOS The Diversifying Workplace: Generations at Work Video: CEO of Hot Topic – Average age of employee is 25. Diversity of age and generation working together successfully. – Culture of Hot Topic and Torrid: passion for the concept and product. Music (Hot Topic) fashion (Torrid). – Loyalty from employees due to working environment: often, employees are customers. – **Niche market – Torrid = plus sized flattering clothing for young women. – Hot topic hires from within: brings the culture with them as they move up in the company. – Music drives the product: company must reflect the culture by: collaboration important in the head office – removed walls and doors – open door culture: lack of hierarchy, music playing – Reason for success: open communication. Equal environment, dressing down. – Motivators increase productivity. Hot Topic offers cell phone discounts, scholarships, 9/80: every other Friday off. etc to motivate and encourage employees. – To keep employees satisfied, the culture = invests in its people. 8 hour culture orientation = how to do your job. Collective excitement because the concept of constant refreshing ideas and opportunities for promotion. - do this by getting inside customer and employee's heads. – **Passion of the employees allow them to add value and make a difference to the company. HRM is Challenging – World, workplace and workforce is always changing. – Up to leadership and HRM to understand, adapt, and respond. – Workplace was not always so diverse – Historically, the workforce was sorted out along gender, ethnic, and racial lines – Hierarchies were built along lines of gender, generation, ethnicity and race. – eg. Henry Ford's auto factories of the 1920s. All white, male workers, same age. Black workers sent to work shoving to coal into the furnace. Allocation of roles based on gender and ethnicity.\ – Ford addressed workplace diversity by the sociological division. Made sure that all the employees lived up to Henry Ford's standard: dress, family life. Talked to employee's family to investigate their inner lives. Pay bonuses depended on employer standards. Company did not tolerate diversity. – Another method: The Americanization School: 1920s – how to talk, dress, eat, keep a house like an American. The Multi-Generational Workforce – Not just race or ethnicity. – Generational diversity is one of the biggest challenges because it always exists. Often overlooked. “The Traditional Generation” 1925-1945 – Typically disciplined, loyal team players who work within the system. They are respectful of authority, patient and follow the rules. – Obviously, they have a vast
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