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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1022F/G
Suzanne Kearns

Air Law in CanadaLecture 5 International AviationAviation requires international cooperationStandardizing air law is a difficult task Chicago ConventionRegulation established in 194452 states met in Chicago in November 1944Created the Convention of International Civil AviationCame into effect in 1947Contains 96 articles describing privileges and restrictions of States and International Standards and Recommended Practices SARPs 195 counties in the world yet only 190 are part of the convention4 Parts o Air Navigation o ICAO o International Air Transport o Final Provisions o Annexes are added ICAOFormed in 1945 as a result of Chicago ConventionsMade up of a sovereign body called the Assembly and governing body called the Counsel o Assembly includes all countries who have signed onto t
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