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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1023A/B
James O' Brien

Ethical TheoriesThe consequentialist theory that ethical behavior is the moral rightness of ones actions is determined by the results of the act and its impact on either the individual Egoism or all involved Utilitarianism Nonconsequentialists Assess the nature of the act as being either ethical or unethical regardless of its results Metaethics Focus on ethical theories their evolution and the social and cultural influences shaping those theories Normative Ethics Emphasize practical aspects by providing principles of appropriate behavior and guidance for what is right or wrong Applied Ethics Deal with the application of moral principles and reasoning as well as codes of conduct Business Ethics Are a subset of applied ethics that deals with ethical issues conflicts of interest and the morality of business decisionsDefined as the moral principles and ethical standards that guide business behavior The SECs definition of code of ethics focuses on ethical conduct of the companys specified officers involved in financial reportingEthics in WorkplaceThere is increased interaction between the board of dire
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