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Management and Organizational Studies
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Management and Organizational Studies 3305A/B
Suzanne Kearns

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Chapter 9 CONTROL October 2, 2013 CONTROL  Right-side of information-processing model  Made a decision (turn on the stove)… now what?  Response selection o How do we do it?  Response execution o Actually doing it PRINCIPLES OF RESPONSE SELECTION  Things that make it easier/harder to choose right thing  input into system  Decision complexity o Expertise in type writer > keyboarder  Expectancy o We perceive info that we expect; if it doesn’t make sense, it’ll take us more type to adapt  Compatibility o Location compatibility o Movement compatibility  Speed-accuracy trade-off o Positive correlation between response time + error rate o Need balance between speed + accuracy  Feedback (think of the iPhone) o Kinesthetic/tactile (i.e. button) o Auditory (i.e. hear something) o Visual (i.e. light up) DISCRETECONTROLA CTIVATION  Physical feel (toggle switch/light switch)  Size (small buttons are a problem… calculator watches)  Confusion and labelling POSITIONINGCONTROLD EVICES  Movement time  Device characteristics o Direct position controls (touchscreen)… vibrations, lag time, etc. – not great for every situation o Indirect position controls (mouse) o Indirect velocity controls (joystick) o Voice control UAV voice control Verbal Input Devices  Benefits of voice control o Dual task situations  Costs of voice control o Compatibility o Acoustic quality & noise and stress o Confusion and limited vocabulary o Speed constraints CONTINUOUS CONTROL AND TRACKING  Tasks often involve tracking a moving t
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