Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B Lecture Notes - Performance Management, Knowledge Management, Baby Boomers

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November 20 Readings/Class Notes – MOS
Guest Speaker – Deloitte
Talent Management: An introduction to HR in professional services
Before HR: “personnel administration.” In past 25 years, change from this to
talent management. Talent management: to succeed, you must work in a
variety of areas eg. Accounting, various HR positions
Deloitte: largest professional services firm in North America.
Opportunity – 150k people working
Green dot” - branding.
Business units: audit and assurance, taxation, financial advisory, enterprise risk
services, consulting.
Get out of the professional service career
Even when you work in the career, you get to work in a variety of tasks.
People like variety in a job.
Eg. fast-paced and dynamic, hands-on, not always 9-5. Challenges every
Talent Management Fundamentals
Talent = Everyone. Employees with higher than average potential, have
high contribution.
All are necessary; top talent is a strategic asset.
Employees who significantly contribute to company value
Recruitment, training, skills.
Should be done constantly – without people, organization wouldn't exist
1. Have a plan – figure out where you want to go
2. Select right people for the right jobs.
3. Once chosen, introduce them to workplace – *induction.
4. After selection = development. Solid workforce if successful
5. Monitor performance.
6. Energize them. Happy people = good organization.
7. Plan for succession – develop people to be promoted to higher positions
in the future.
Concept of potential – what employee has potential – not only what they can do
now; what can they do in the future. It is an investment in people to find out what
returns they will give in the future.
Talent Management: integrated set of policies, processes, programs and
technologies aimed at attracting, aligning, developing and retaining employees to
maximize performance and develop business strategy.
About getting it right – right people, right place, right time
Right skills, position, tools, engagement, doing the right things to deliver
and exceed business objectives.
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