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MU1710 Oct 26

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Music 1710F/G
Cameron Johnston

October 26 Readings/Class Notes – History (tutorial) (pg 13) Most people today do not have the experience of knowing what it is to transform score into sound and the kind of resistance the work exhibits – Not much improvisation or interpretation during live performances – often a copy of the recording – Western art music – a physical experience – Listening to a record – we cannot know the physical difficulty of performing it – Western art music: Translating to score of someone else's idea into sound, composition and realization. “Composition transcends imaginable realizations.” – In previous centuries, the only way to hear music was to go out and hear it, or to perform it at your own home: very skilled population. The people would appreciate it in a different way – buying an arrangement of it and work through the piece themselves – Everything that we do in performances are a choice whether we realize it or not Connection b/w score and a performance? – Performer
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