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Music 1711F/G
Kate Helsen

Jan 16 The Elements of Plainchant Liturgical Function 1. The Divine Office – Matins (3am) – Lauds (sunrise) – Prime (6am) 'little hours:' – Terce (9am) MASS – Sext (noon) – None (3pm) – Vespers (sunset) – Compline (before bed) 2. The Mass – found in a Gradual – Usually held b/w Terce and Sext *textbook error: “antiphoners do not contain chants for matins” – they really only contain matins. The Mass – Two types of chants: 1. The Ordinary/Unchangeable – same words every time – Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, Ite Missa Est 2. “Proper” - belongs to the day: Changeable – change, because they are chants for a specific day eg. Christmas – Introit – Gradual – Alleluia/Tract – Offertory – Communion The Liturgical Year – Follows the biography of Christ from Advent – Pentecost – Saint's Days are celebrated throughout the year on the appropriate day. Relationship: Words/Music Syllabic – One pitch per syllable of text eg. Gloria and Credo Chants Neumatic – Few pitches (up to 4 or 5) per syllable of text. eg. Intriot, Offertory, Communion chants Melismatic – upwards of 5 pitches/syllable of text eg. Gradual and Alleluia chants. – These tend to be sung with an alternating soloist and choir Psalm Tones – One for each mode (8) plus tonus peregrinus – Consists of opening pattern, recitation section, closing cadential pattern Mode – Eight scales that are different from each other in their intervallic relationships – ** see example 1-3 in text, pg 39 – The Final: “home” pitch – The Recitation tone: reciting pitch – Don't need, to know Greek names for modes eg. Dorian Mode 1 – authentic and 2 –
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