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Western University
Music 2711F/G
Emily Ansari

History2The Florentine Camerata and The Wisdom of the Ancientspeople in the 17th century didnt refer to themselves as Baroque18th century came around and they started calling the music from the past Baroquefirst used to describe a Rameau Operaseemed wrong and not natural and lovelyFlorentine Cameratapeople are looking to the past for models for the futureThe Florentine Camerata Giovanni Bardi head of it 15201591rich florentine who wants to loves artFound a collections of artists who come to his house who play and talk about musicFlorence is really rich headed by the Medici family who are bankersbegan as merchants and started a bank in where they would loan money to spain spain defaulted on their loans and things didnt turn out wellFlorence used to be a republic but Medici were granted by the Pope to become grand Dukes of TuscanyMarried into very rich and powerful familiesIts still small but important on the Grand Tourif noble you would want to go on a Grand TourNorthern Eur
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