Music 1102A/B Lecture Notes - Membranophone, Idiophone, Chordophone

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8 Feb 2013
Lecture 3 -- Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Canon Johan Pachelbel
o Comes from French word “chaconne” (Passacaglia) – variations on a ground
o Main theme: 8 notes; 8 note bass-line "theme”
o Rhythm: duple
o Medium: stringed instruments
Phone = Greek word for sound producing
Types of instruments:
o Aerophones anything that uses air or an air column to generate sound
Clarinets, trumpets
o Chordophone string instruments
Violins, drums
o Membranophone 1 type of percussion instrument
Drums: sound is made by the stretching of a membrane (skin on the drum)
o Idiophone another type of percussion instrument
The whole instruments vibrate: symbols, triangles, chimes, xylophone
Idiomatic characteristic of a whole place but peculiar of a certain place
Canadians saying “eh”
Texans saying “y’all”
o Electrophones
Sampling, producing digitally instruments
Most popular songs are duple
Temporal elements anything relating to time
o Meter: is it duple or triple (or anything else)?
o Tempo: speed
o Rhythm
o Melody: prominent or hidden?, tonal or atonal (no tone)?, major or minor?
Texture: visualizing of the music; could visualize it if you see a score
o Polyphonic many lines in the score
o Monophonic one line on score
o Unison -- similar to monophonic ("one sound")
o Repeated over and over again = ostinato (Italian); obstinate
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