Music 1649A/B Lecture Notes - Giovanni Artusi, Gioseffo Zarlino, Jean-Philippe Rameau

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6 Feb 2013

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September 25 Readings/Class Notes – Theory
Supporters and people that were not supportive of contrapuntal style
Theory War!
Giovanni Artusi (1540-1613) – prima practica - vs Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)
– seconda practica
Artusi – student of Zarlino – thought of music of Josquin de Prez – Zarlino loved de
Prez's style
prima practica – more conservative
Published an article in 1600 called “The Imperfections of Modern Music”
Monteverdi - comfortable with older style and newer style – began to look at the
possibilities of this new style - contrapuntal music.
- seconda practica – more liberal
“These passages are contrary to what is well and good in harmony. They are harsh
to the ear, rather offending it than delighting it; and to good rules left by those
who have established the order and the bounds of this science, they bring
confusion...” - Artusi
“Some will wonder at this, not believing that there is any other practice than that
taught by Zarlino. But let them be assured concerning consonances and
dissonances that there is a different way of considering them...” - Monteverdi
Seconda Practica - “Madrigal: Cruda Amarilli” (1605) – Monteverdi
two most exposed parts – bass and soprano – form a very exposed
dissonance on a strong beat
Passing tones absolutely forbidden in species counterpoint on strong beats,
used in this piece
Agostina Agazzari (1578-1640)
A review of last class - “...vocal works of this kind are no longer in use.”
New kind of music is the way
The Art of Music Reduced to Rational Principles.
Joseph Saveur – discovery of the “chord of nature” - vibration now called the
overtone series.
findings published in 1701
Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764)
Traité de l'harmonie (1722) –
*Fux treatise written in 1725 – theorizing a much older style – Palestrina
style of the 16th century*
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