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Lecture 2

Philosophy 1130F/G Lecture 2: Sept 17th Phil – Big Ideas.docx

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PHIL 1130F/G
Leslie Barker

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Phil – Big Ideas
Sept 17th 2014
Venice Marivani
Meta (above and beyond) thinking
Meaning: thinking about thinking
Ex. Questions about asking questions
Plato = around 400 bcc
Student of Socrates
Wrote in Dialogue
Founded a school – The Academy
Aristotle – student of plato
*famously disagreed with plato
What is Justice
(what is it to act justly? What does a just person do?”
To be just – Just acts
Repayment of a debt (its good to be rich when you’re old that way you can repay your
-Counter example: what about returning weapons to a friend?
“Not in his senses”
-By paying your debt to him, you might be making him ill
-Maybe its not in the friends best intention for you to repay him
-Could be doing harm to a friend
Doing good to friends (i.e. “what they are owed”) and harm to enemies
-Counterexample- what if you have bad friends and good enemies?
Response – doing good to good people and bad to bad people
It could be good to do harm
Good cannot harm
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