Philosophy 2730F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Ethical Egoism, Categorical Imperative, Philosophical Theory

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24 Jan 2018
Jan 15th
- Related to Moral Theories Reading
- Page 64 introduce important moral theories
Ethical Theory:
Ethical egoism
Utilitarianism (Bentham, Mill)
Deontology (Kant)
Ethical Egoism
Utilitarianism (instrumental based ethic)
Idea of minimization of harm
o Train tracks idea: run away cart
Philosophical theory maximize utility
o Good state of affairs
o If more people affected in positive happy way (positive) than okay to act
Utility can be looked at through/by measuring pleasure or happiness (Mill)
Maiizig it….alulus
Mill thought all pleasures not the same
o Pleasure
o Happiness
o preferences
o Higher or lower
One of greatest attractions:
o Everyone pleasure is counted as same
o Everyone preference
King or queen no more important
Greatest attraction = equality
Whether act is right is about state of affairs, function
Deontology (duty based ethic)
Categorical imperative /Hypothetical
o Page 68
Always an imperative of reason..
o Tells you you ought to do so and so
Difference between hypothetical and categorical
o Hpothetial: ased o soethig as….if….the…
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