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Lecture 12

Philosophy 2730F/G Lecture 12: March 12th

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PHIL 2730F/G
Ryan Robb

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March 12th
Silverstone Article- Mediapolis or Space of App.
The edia defie the moral space within which the other appears to us, and at the same time
iite…a euialet oal espose fo us, the audiee, as a potetial ad atual itize
Moral response from us
Notice you have us and the other
Making an appearance within a space; (moral space)
o Is an important idea that is discussed through Chapter from Arandt
o Need to figure out how media defines moral space and that the other appears in
it to us
Media polis  a spae i hih people ho oe fo diffeing place within the plural world
can make an appearance to oe aothe
Again idea of space and plural world
Idea of people from various places making an appearance to one another
To eliminate it is to make the other no different from you (just as bad?)
Pole: the edia tade i otheess, i the spetaula ad the isile thus eaggeatig
difference or eliminating it
Want to look at relations between major themes then look at some details
Also look at Hannah
Silverstone provides sustain reality of how media shapes our social reality
o Ca ead soe of it alog lies of Edga’s poits ideas of itepetatio ad
media being involved in social acts of interpretation)
Not just that they shape our social reality, also plays a role in us being able to judge
Silverstone has high hopes for the media; because of all pervasiveness of the media
At the beginning talks about how in the West and Western Media, that media
dominates the news in sense in which they provide frameworks for understanding the
And what he finds is problematic about this is these particular frames are far too narrow
o Lead often in the exclusion of the other; or misrepresentation of the other
Often fail to achieve; what he later calls proper distance
Pg 212
Idea of elageet of etalit fo Kat’s idea of judgeet
o Definition of that phrase
iole igig as a othes ito oes iagiatio as it is possile to do. The oe
peoples standpoints I have present in my mind while I am pondering a given issue, and
the better I can imagine how I could feel and think If I were in their place, the stronger
will be my capacity for representative thinking and the more valid my final conclusions,
 opiio
extended reach vs extended understanding
o can capture an event anywhere in the world; however can they accurately
understand the other in another part of the world
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