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Miracles Semester 1

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Philosophy 1022E
Cathy Thorpe

Miracles October-01-13 7:29 AM The arguments from miracles • Miracles, which are disruptions of the ordinary course of nature, are clear proofs of the existence of a supernatural power, namely god. • Types & examples of miracles o Healing o Motion of inanimate objects o Theological miracles: bleeding wafers, crying statues o Apparition o Glossalia (speaking in tongue, babbling non-sense, fits) o Human (?) power over nature • St Andre Bessette 1845-1937 o Canada's most important Saint? o West Mount Basilica Difficulties • Hume's empirical argument: reliability of miracle reports o "given the report of a miracle it is always more rational to disbelieve a report of a miracle than to believe it" o The a posteriori argument (in readings) o Human predilection for surprise and wonder; human credulity overcomes reason o Supernatural and miraculous relations….are observed to abound among ignorant and barbarous nations (Miracles stem from the views of the uneducated o Therefore, it is always more probable that testimony is false than a law of nature has been violated • If this was true in Hume's time is it still true today? o Consider: • The immediacy and reliability of information • Though there is still much credulity in the world, broadly a skeptical attitude has made gains • Miracles could occur among peoples that are not "ignorant and barbarous" • If a miracle is evidence for theism, it need not be read as evidence for a particular version of theism •
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