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Western University
Philosophy 2043F/G
Louis Charland

Philosophy 2044G Monday March 31 Female Sexual Dysfunction Erectile Dysfunction • Even drugs like Viagra have other uses (used at parties) • Pharmaceutical companies have put a lot of advertising into erectile dysfunction drugs to make the term more commonplace FSD – No ‘Male Sexual Dysfunction’? • MSD isn’t part of our vocabulary, but we do use the term, ‘FSD’ (there is no male equivalent) Gender in the DSM • The DSM is a practical document – they needed a reliable system for insurance purposes (the insurance company wants to know what the problem is) o There needs to be some consistency and terminology that is agreed upon to have organization o Administrational needs – in a hospital, you want everyone using the same terms for the same things o Research – if people are doing research, they need to be able to compare studies and know they are talking about the same things o Treatment – if you are administering treatments, all doctors should administer the same treatment choices for the same condition • 2 Main Factors of the DSM: o Reliability  Different people using the same codes and diagnostic criteria will come up with the same diagnosis even under different conditions  eg. two doctors identify the same people as having the criteria for major depressive disorder o Scientific Truth or Validity  Are the criteria and the diagnostic categories talking about something real (a true scientific basis), or are they cultural fabrications?  In the case of mental disorders, there is not a lot of agreement and not very many concrete results • There is no blood test or conclusive MRI • We only have reports of symptoms, and observations of behaviour • Bias o There are some social value judgements in the DSM o eg. the diagnosis of autism – unless an individual is diagnosed as autistic,
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