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Western University
Philosophy 2073F/G
Chris Sheriff

October 30, 2012 Brennan - Explores the responses feminist philosophers have given to questions of the badness of death - Critical, in particular, of DABD (as seen in Nagel) and the “career self” conception of life - Works only for a particular conception of life which devalues or undermines ideas traditionally valued as feminine, and places a stronger view on masculine roles Feminist Approach - Makes the good of others an additional source of value o Important to distinguish: Does not make witnessing/experiencing other people’s attaining of goods the thing of value Connection to feminism - Women (traditionally) generally invest more time/effort into the projects of others than men Problems: - What we care about is still ultimately life projects - Valuing many people’s projects diffuses the risk of our own being incomplete, but ultimately we’re still concerned about the same problems The alternatives - Some achievements are not diminished by death ( e.g., having/having had a good character) - Attaining wisdom also falls into this category - Can consider values which are associated with being rather than doing - Such good are not cut short by death. Attaining them completes the “good” Thomson: “A defense of Abortion” - Paper is written in 1971 before abortion was illegal. Was illegal in US until 1973 under most circ
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