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Philosophy 3020F/G
Jeffrey Temple

thTemple March 14 Counter reformation Social control Counter reformation readings for next weekSide noteCelibacysacrifice of self for a focus of Christ The sacrifice is what makes the clergy differentspecial It provides the unique relationship with god Which allows the ability to provide sacraments Therefore Church can never give this up What have the catholics been doing and how did they respond to the reformationCategoriesMany historians disagree about the catholic response and this can be seen in the different labels used Counter Reformation Pure response making reforms to the church Reflexive Such reforms would not have occurred if not for the protestants This is a term coined by protestant historians Coined by stthvanRunke The process of catholic reform only started 1 third of 16 century Around 15171650 There is only a short period of reformThere is negativity towards this term This reform is half hearted and is all because of the protestants The catholics did not like this Catholic Reformation This is a term coined by the Catholics The efforts of reforming the abuses of the Church were occurring independent of protestants and organically within the catholic church Catholic historians wanted to argue that protestant and catholic reformation were separate responses but still related This response had its common roots in the medieval world How did they make this argument 1347 Plague strikes Europe In respo
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