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Western University
Philosophy 3020F/G
Jeffrey Temple

thTemple Oct 26Martin LutherRoad to ReformLife 14831546 Father of the reformationBorn in the german lands Holy Roman Empire Born in the territory of Saxony Born to peasant family This family earns some wealth MiningLuthers family is interested in investing their wealth They want their children to have a good education to continue to earn money for the family They want luther to become a lawyer Luther gets a BA and MA Liberal Arts gets these at Erfurt He gets a scholastic education with a little bit of humanism Exposed to the classics However Luther will not become a humanist like Erasmus Luther does not want to bring people back to the classic world He likes the idea of returning to sources for learning and reading greek and hebrew He begins to study law however he deviates from this path He gets caught in a massive thunderstorm and he is in an open field Lightning strikes and he is thrown off a donkey and he is convinced he is going to die He cries out st anne save me and I will become a monk And he was spared and he does become a monk His father is not happy obviously Luther joins an Augustinian monastery July 1505Augustinian MonasteryGroup that was focused on introspection One of the most disciplined and rigorous groupThey are focused on knowing the self They focus on confession They wanted their members to know their sins and to atone for them Focus on ones self and ones sins and to make everything peachy with god Luther loves monastic life He is passionately devoted to monastic life He would fasted longer mortified the flesh more confessed longer and he would pray harder Luther is a super monk By his own account and his contemporaries he goes above and beyond Luther is aware tha
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