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Philosophy 3601F/G
Michael Fox

LOVE - the Lysis METHODOLOGY OF PLATO • many believe that after you read Plato he at the end doesn't seem to actually tell you anything • however through the voice of Socrates he claims that double ignorance to single ignorance - begins with certain opinions and he plays with them because as presented they are false but the people who are holding them do not see them as false - theyre doubley ignorant. they're ignorant of the false opinion and secondly because they don't know it to be false • anytime you are unaware of something that is wrong you are doubly ignorance • single ignorance is simply when you don't know and have no desire to know to inspire people to want to learn is to remove them and to inspire them to seek • leaving the state of single ignorance • we want to form ideas - what prevents this illumination of actual knowledge for the individual is the wall they hit that is false opinion WHAT IS FRIENDSHIP • Hipplothales, Lysis and Menexenus - we can perhaps understand that these characters exemplify the nature of friendship on some level • Ancestors/Wealth/Victories compares these qualities to goodness and beauty • Friends have everything in common • Happiness is a function of knowledge - speaks about knowledge as a certain kind of advantage • friendship as a function of usefulness • is friendship reciprocal (nothing is a friend of the lover unless it loves him in return) or non-reciprocal (divided into two parts a. friends are only those who love b. friends are only those who are loved) - rules out the non reciprocal • life must always be a friend of like - good people like each other or bad people like each other - bad people can't like each other because friendship is not ever bad, you have to try and comprehend and strive for the good • if you lock into the good and not the bad the question arises of how can the like be a benefit? - its impossible - friendships are useless to each other if they don't bring value to one another • how can opposites be friends? - its impossible - if they are opposite how can they benefit each other and therefore they cannot provide value to one another • should have been developing a third fold exhaustive divisio
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