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Philosophy 4990A/B
Michael Fox

Complete Splendour of Truth for next class MIDTERM Feb 5 - next class we'll talk about what's going to be on it. 6 essay questions and we choose any 3 FIDES ET RATIO •triangle of God at the top reason and faith at the bottom - ways that God calls us to deeper communion with him he speaks about communion of the divine in the fact that we are all in need • of salvation - an existential yearning •reason enables us to reflect and ponder the secrets of God by way of faith •and faith serves reason •there are ways in which the links can be broken - pernicious philosophy - we must safeguard ourselves against it bad philosophy: eclecticism: taking random sentences and critically • analyzing them or calling it wrong but not understanding the complete framework by which the controversial sentence was said •bad philosophy: historicism: something may have been good in years past but it can be bad now - the negative-ness comes when you devalue or not respect the historical context to which the sentence was said - more moderate way to use history in philosophy, this author is solely a product of his or her environment - form of cultural relativism •bad philosophy: scientism: the idea that the more we are the better we are without discussing human nature or the negative ramifications. the only way to acquire knowledge is through scientific knowledge and everything else is fictitious, mistaking the part for the whole. distinction between humanism and scientism is actually just a form of scientism. subjective is humanism objectivism is science. •bad philosophy: pragmatism: george grant - philosophy in the mass age - the majority decides whats true on basis of expediency - whatever works, do it. the majority decides this. stem cell research because they t
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