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Lecture 1: Introduction to Philosophy

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Philosophy 1020
John Thorp

Philosophy 1020 Lecture 1: Introduction to Philosophy John Thorp Stevenson Hall 4141 Telephone 661-2111 extension85767 Tuesday and Thursday 10:30 - 11:30 [email protected] What is philosophy?  Iceberg  Sociology, mental philosophy  Source of intellectual inquiries (discipline)  Disciplined consideration of great question about nature of human beings and the cosmos we inhabit Our question of this year?  Religion: Does God exist  Epistemology: What is knowledge and what can be known?  Metaphysics: What is real?  Ethics: What if any, is the source of moral obligation?  Politics: What is the best society?  What is the meaning of life? Course organization:  2 lectures a week Tuesday and Thursday  1 hour tutorial  6 philosophical issues, 4 week segments  Lectures and tutorial readings  Text: Poman and Vaughan: The Quest  5 short writing assignments (500 words) th nd  2 mid terms November 10 and February 2 (20%)  Final cumulative examination (30%)  Tutorial participation (10%)  2 bonus assignments worth 1% each The short writing assignments  Papers meant to be 800 words  Topics several weeks ahead  Assignments handed in at tutorials Lecture #2 – What is Religion? September 13, 2011 What is religion?  The three Abrahamic religions o Christianity, Islam and Sudaism comprise 50% of the worlds populati
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