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Philosophy 1020
John Thorp

LECTURE FIVE: THE ARGUMENT FROM EVIL 0. Introductory matters a) Arguments and refutations - refuting an argument for p - is not the same as arguing the not p - For example it is not perfectly possible to think that the Ontological Argument is not a good argument, but nonetheless to believe in God b) The state of play - we have seen 2 major kinds of argument in favor of the existence of God - Ontological Argument - the Cosmological Argument - Other Arguments in favour of the existence of God - the argument of design - the moral argument Arguments against God - the argument from evil 1. The nature of God in the Abrahamic religions a) omnipotence - god is all powerful, that is, able to do all things- or at least all things that are logically possible - E.g maybe God couldn’t make it to be the case that the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle is not pie. b) omniscience - god knows all things- or at least all things can be known - God knows everything down to the finest details: a particularizing God c) benevolence - God is good, and benevolent to human beings, and indeed to all his creation (a “lover of mankind”) - - the Abrahamic God has other features as well, but they are not immediately relevant to the current argument: - eternity - ubiquity (God is everywhere) - aseity The p
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