Political Science 1020E Lecture Notes - Fot, Sinti, Joseph Schumpeter

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Published on 21 Nov 2011
Democracy Part 2
4 October 2011
Multiple Choice
October 29th 10am - 12 pm
125 Questions
Plato's Ship Analogy 1:
- the art of naviagtion (the cre doesnt know how to naviagte)
- drunken pleasure cruise
- you wouldnt want to go around on a drunken pleasure cruise, so why would you
want a political system run by average people
- however there is a true-navigator (possesses knowledge, skills, and concern fot
the good of everyone)
- they should be incharge
Why Decomcracy?
Intrinsic Reasons
- there is something valuable in itself
Self Rule:
- democracy embodies a commitment to freedom or self-rule
- people ruling themselves
- democracy = individuals ruling themselves
- autonomy = giving laws to oneself
Jean-Jacques Rousseau:
- 1712-1778
- "we can forced to be free"
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