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Lecture 2

Political Science 1020E Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Totalitarianism, Dualism, Comparative Politics

Political Science
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Political Science 1020E
Erin Hannah

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Dualism’s Disncon
-state from internal society, for which it provides rules and order
-state is public
-state from the internaonal sphere in which it competes with other states, in the absence of order
Comparave Polics and Internaonal Relaons
-comparave polics: states as units of analysis
a) compare units
b) and studies polics under state-provided order
-internaonal relaons: states within state system
a) begins with concept of anarchy
b) examines state interacons in absence of rules and enforcement
c) has explored surprising sources of order
-connected in many ways:
a) war drove state formaon
b) globalizaon has arguably weakened states
c) state failure- civil/internaonal wars
Rise and Decline of the State?
-growing responsibilies in modern era:
-managing complex economies
-controlling #ows across borders
-de$ning and defending rights
-sustaining social welfare
-global extension- its a world of states
-states formally equal (e.g., UN) even if you are ny state and no power you are sll a state and equal (if
highly unequal in capacity)
-states remain relevant
-con#ict and chaos? Build a state
-states crucial to economic development, crisis
-security challenges extend to all states
Pluralist State
-social power is widely and evenly dispersed
-therefore, the state is neutral
-responding to best ideas or interests
Capitalist State
-social power is unequal and concentrated
-economy generates hierarchy of classes
-therefore, state bias in favour of dominant class
-uses relave autonomy to maintain class system
Patriarchal State
-social power is unequal and concentrated
-this me, its not class but gender
-therefore, the state bias in favour of men
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