Political Science 1020E Lecture Notes - Jus Sanguinis, List Of Social Fraternities And Sororities, Welfare Rights

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Published on 16 Nov 2012
© Nigmendra Narain, Poli Sci, 1020, 2011-12: Page 1 of 2
Lecture 10:
o Official membership in a particular state/political community
o Allow certain privileges and rights (vs. non-citizens) voting, social
services, protections
Live in the state, participate in politics, other rights are dependent on
o Formal, legal status recognized in law and by other states that you are a
citizen of another state
o Political equality all citizens are to be treated the same
o Social fraternity community of citizens
o Jus Soli (right of soil) by birth, born in the states
o Jus Sanguinis (right of blood) children of citizens
o Naturalization legal process of gaining citizenship
Can we de-naturalize those who get citizenship by birth? (children of
illegal immigrants)
o Identity?
Many southern states(brazil, india, etc) = customs, traditions,
Is Obama Amerivan, Africa, hybrid, cosmopolitan, socialist
Post-911: Europe, US, Canada Germany deporting trucks
Nations, nationalism
Racist? Nativist? Ethnocentric
T.H. Marshall = rights-based citizenship ----liberal framework, British experience
o Civil rights = individual freedoms
o Political rights = participate in political power/process
o Social rights = welfare rights
o Active citizenship = active political agent revolutionary states; France
o Passive citizenship = subject of authority elite built states; Germany
o Private = individual / civil society sphere USA: private dissension
o Public = state / polity sphere Greece: public protest
o Family ties / kinship connections to political community
o Religion contiguous with membership in a political community
o May emphasize non-legalistic aspects
o Segregated: class, gender, race, etc.
o National, racial or other quotas
Multicultural citizenship
o Differenitated-citizenship
o Cultural and group rights
o Involvement of disadvantaged groups
o Can we balance majority vs. minority rights?
o Do we accommodate group rights in our individual rights framework?
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