Political Science 2231E Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: International Monetary Fund

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Considered the main actor(s) in global politics (contested)
Usual elements (weight of each is dependent on content and other factors)
We're interested in how they go about understanding the world, how they then negotiate for
their country, how they compile intelligence and information about the country they are
stationed in
What do we consider of these armed forces?
Agents of a political community who are taught to kill on command (act in violence on others and
within itself in terms of protecting its citizens)
Are these valid?
Cheaper to hire Ugandan special forces to protect bases in Afghanistan, etc..
PMCs - private military corporations, para-military forces, private military are sometimes hired by
the state or by companies
Armed Forces:
Fight the terrorists in the background - clandestine agents
Beyond the military -- their role is combining diplomats & armed forces roles
Defensive Intelligence - FBI, RCMP -- operations inside their state
Offensive Intelligence - CIA -- operations outside of their state
2 types:
Secret Service:
Usually found in federal systems, ie. city of London is very unitary within the UK
There can be cities that overshadow their states (ie. Toronto in Canada)
Globalization of the economy
Citizens' demands to respond to global issues -- 'act local, think global'
Protect local interests -- ie. get people interested in investing in your city
Why become global actors?
Sub-national Governments
IGOs = inter-governmental
NGOs = non-governmental
2 subsets:
International Organizations
Non-State Actors
Not set up by governments, they are private
Have increased their importance in global politics
Not liked by states
Operate on a not-for-profit basis
Non-Governmental Organizations
Modern corporation emerged in 1950s, 1960s, booms after 1970s
After 1970s, government took control of the marketplace, not letting corporations do whatever
they want
MNCs -- multi national corporations, mostly HQ in US, Japan, and European Union.
Global Corporations
Control over the people & land
Recognition by other states
Official agents
Want to look up:
Starting up an NGO, Non-Profit,
How to
Movie online to watch
The Corporation
Lecture 1 - Actors
11:14 AM
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