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Political Science
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Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

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Political Science 11/09/2012 Lecture #1 What is politics? Eg: - Elections - (people with formal decision making powers are elected – classified as formal politics) - Demonstrations - (informal protests – 99 percent, tea party, etc.  seeking change through public pressure) - Policy Decisions – reaction by the people to policy decisions (obamacare) Politics has numerous aspects: - Social –(demonstrations, elections)  politics is about groups (politics is a collective action) - Process – (legislative traditions (USA – congress) - Conflict – (war) - Binding decisions – (law) - Enforced –(judicial, armed forces, etc) - Who Gets What, When, and How? Between Love and War Pure Conflict = War Pure Cooperation = Love Politics = Conflicts and Cooperation Food For Thought (questions relating to politics based off the video) Can war be ended? - Social Science Claim : democracies do not engage each other in war -
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