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Lecture 24

Political Science 1020E Lecture 24: Political Science – April 4

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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Bruce Morrison

Political Science – April 4, 2017 World Order and Global Governance – Lecture 24 Different dimensions of power  Military Dimension of Power o Still Important, military preparedness is still extremely important o Not always usable, war in Iraq as an example o Sometimes counterproductive, American intervention in middle east after 9/11 weakened American soft power in the nation  Economic Dimension of Power o Supports Military Power o Fits Era of independence, backs up military power but stands as its own power  ‘Soft’ Power o Co-operation rather than coercion, encouragement and inspiration  values are extremely good and worth pursuing o Spreads via culture and value legitimacy  Structural Power o Power over process  Process of decision making, of asking and prioritizing questions, of agenda setting above all o Via Regimes and institutions, build in the system a bias of your inclinations Character and Polarity or the International System  Polarity: o International Systems – similar to party systems, a pattern of interactions with causal impacts o A Pole – has an exceptionally large share of the major power resources  Unipolarity o One State with greatly disproportionate share of the power o No major rivals of power, doesn’t have to take into account that it may lose  Bipolarity o Two major powers o Zero-sum Competition, both parties conceive of any gains made by the other side a loss for themselves and vice versa (Vietnam and Korean Wars)  Multipolarity o More than two major powers in the international structure o Balance behaviour, shifting alliances in order to rebalance a multi-polar system o Great potential for mistakes to be made, less clarity and more room for miscalculations
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