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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 1020E

International Institutions and Law Global Governance  International organizations and international law can be seen as the conceptual and regulatory core of the international society of states  Neo- Marxists and Gramscians argue: elements of Marx’s “superstructure” of the capitalist system can be found at IL and IO  Constructivists and feminists see UN and IL as instruments that leads to a more equitable world  IO revolves around what Plano and Olton termed as “formal arrangement transcending national boundaries that provides for the establishment of institutional machinery to facilitate cooperation among members in security, economic, social or related fields.” Types of IO Characteristics Increase of organizations Examples IGO  States as members  1909: 37  UN  Treaties  1960: 154  EU  Regular meetings  1987: 381  OSA attended by  Currently: 400+  African Union representatives of a  ASEAN the member states  Arab League  Permanent headquarters  Permanent employees NGO  Pressure groups  1972: 2100  Humanitarian NGO  Resources  1982: 4200  Human Rights NGO  Distribute aid and  1993: 4800  Etc. knowledge  2001: 47000  etc Types of IGO Functions Examples Multipurpose, Manages issues at an international level League of Nations universal- UN membership organization Regional and Manage issues at a regional level EU functional
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