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Lecture 18

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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Peter Fragiskatos

PoliSci1020E January 19, 2012 Lecture 19 TOPIC Electoral Systems First Past the Post a.k.a. Single Member Plurality  Used in Canada, India, U.K., etc.  308 ridings/seats in Canada.  The politician that wins the most votes represents the riding.  107 MPP (Provincial) ridings in Ontario. Problems with the System  Even though the representative doesn’t have the most votes, they still become the voice of the party.  In this past election, Conservatives were elected by 40% of the population, but have 54% of the seats.  What matters is the total number of ridings you win. The actual number of votes comes second. The Green Party won 4% of the vote but with one MP, only have 0.32% of the seats. Majoritarian System  Runoff – elections keep taking place until a party is elected by at least 50 % of the population. E.g. France.  Preferential – you rank the candidates according to how you prefer them. Each time the lowest ranking candidate is eliminated, your vote is transferred to your next preference. E.g. Australia. Proportional Representation  Number of seats a party holds repres
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