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Political Science
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Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

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The State of Nature - John Nash vs. Adam Smith o Smith: Individual ambition serves the common good o Nash: The best result comes from everyone doing what’s best for himself…and the group Hobbes: - Morality in the state of nature o Natural right to liberty o No injustice (first virtue of political institutions) o Hobbes says no justice in the state of nature because no lawn, and because no law-giver  no law, no law  no justice o State of War - Laws of Nature o Fundamental Law: Seek peace, if you can get it o Second Law: lay down natural right, if others do too o Third law: perform your covenants  Covenants without the sword are but words - Individual and collective rationality o It is rational for individuals to attack others  Rationality leads to both war and peace o Smart for one, dumb for all o It is rational for the collective to seek peace - Lets break a deal o Collectively rational outcome is unstable o Individuals have an incentive to defect o State provides assurance that laws of nature will be followed  Why do we need a
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