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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

Socialism: 2 Marx’s Life - Drinking, dueling, law, philosophy - Radical journalism: Brussels Paris - 1849 – 1883: ‘Temporary’ exile in London; Political agitation, family and poverty, scholarly research Religion Hegel: - History as the development of spirit - God comes to self-awareness Feuerbach - We create God in our own image - We alienate our human capacities for knowledge, power, and goodness Marx on Religion - Created in response to poverty and suffering - Religion is the opium of the people; produces euphoria, painkiller; can render you incapable of flourishing Alienation: 1 - Human essence detached from human existence - Creative producers whose work is punishing, degrading, commoditized - Workers’ lives are subject to alien forces Alienation: 2 - Alienation from the product - Alienation in productive activity - Alienation from our species-being - Alienation from other human beings Marx’s Theory of History: 1 - All of history up to now is the history of class struggle - History is the growth of human productive power (The ‘Productive Forces” tend to develop) Marx’s Theory of History: 2 - Economic structures have characteristics ‘Relations of Production” - Society is like a three-level building: legal and political superstructure relations of production; Relations of production; Forces of Production Marx’s Theory of History: 3 - Level of development of productive forces explains the nature of the economic structure - Economic structure determines the legal and political superstructure - Objection: Can’t capitalism continue? Capitalism and Communism Capitalism Innovation Exploitation Communism Democracy Public control of product
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