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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Nigmendra Narain

Lecture 7: Political Culture & Socialization ©Nigmendra Narain Political Culture  Culture: o ‘patterns of beliefs and behaviour’  views on the world, views on god, etc. o Institutional arrangements o Social traits (attitudes about politics amongst groups)  Political culture = cultural attitudes towards politics & government o Attitudes, beliefs, values, norms about political issues and idea o Cultural differences among different groups and states o Ideology  Three categories of political culture: o Parochial = negative view of government + low participation  Complacent form of gov’t  Ie America. Lack of voter turn out o Subject = positive view of government + low participation o Participatory = positive view + high participation  Gov’t willing to respond to the demands o Civic = combo  Need some balance of all three to balance out a society and state in order to keep order  Three typologies of political culture vs. social values & engagement activity: o Polyarchal  agreed social values and active citizen engagement and government efficacy o Fragmented  Active citizen engagement BUT disagr
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