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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Robert Jonasson

Personal Statement Guidelines for the assignment You are to develop a short (two to three minute) presentation on a topic of personal interest and/or conviction that is related to the course material. Because this is a personal statement, the substance of your presentation is open to any topic that we have touched upon in the course. You will have the opportunity, in one of up to three designated seminars, to present your personal statement. You will be graded on both the oral presentation and the text of your presentation, which will be handed in at the time of your presentation. For a two to three minute presentation, you should write a statement of about around 300 words. The style of the written presentation is up to you. However, try to avoid the extremes of making it too dense and academic, too argumentative and pushy, or too vague and chatty. Write it with a view to getting the attention of your audience and persuading them of your point of view. Therefore, try not to bore, alienate, or lose your audience. By all means use logic, but feel free to use humour and pathos too. The oral presentation itself will work best to the extent that you can memorize your key points and deliver them naturally. These are small seminars and so conversational style i
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