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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 2231E
Nigmendra Narain

Reading 1: Introduction September-18-12 9:01 PM  The origins of International Relations usually begins with an account of the Great War (1914-18)- so horrific believed it was the war to end all wars o Horrific slaughter of an entire generation (of predominantly young men)  Study of IR grew out of the belief that war was the gravest problem facing humanity and that something must be done to ensure that there would be no more "lost generations" o Short lived the idea of no war (WWII)  In the wake of the second world war, IR scholars continued to focus on the nature of international and inter-state relations, in their endeavours to understand the causes of war  Renewed efforts to organise the peace, with the birth of the United Nations 1945 o However the mood at this time was less optimistic: Germany almost completely destroyed, Britain and France required major assistance to rebuild their shattered economies and physical infrastructure, the USA and USSR emerged as "superpowers"  As relations between the USA and USSR deteriorated due to suspicion and mistrust and as awareness of the awesome destructive potential of nuclea
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