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April 4-Nietzsche and his influence on Derrida, Lyotard, & Foucault.docx

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Political Science
Political Science 2237E
Douglas Long

Nietzscheselfovercoming does not mean doing 10 reps instead of 8 it means constantly redefining yourself and being freeNietzsche hated anything that could be characterized by mass because it meant people would become drones eg mass industrialization religion Nazism Nietzsche influenced Jacques Derridas deconstructionconstantly taking the system apart not to destroy it but to have some measure of power and control over the system eg the Canadian Supreme Court will not hear a case unless it involves a deconstruction of Canadian law taking apart traditional understandings and putting it back together differentlydemocracy is deconstruction if we have the power to reopen thingsif we do not have the power to reconsiderreopen bills they are not democratic eg omnibus billsin Derridas opinion as long as we have the power to take bills to the Supreme Court and have those bills ruled unconstitutional our democracy functionsdeconstruction is a direct descendant of Nietzsches critical thinking especially considering the constant questioning reopening and insisting on freedom from ideologyDerrida believes that democracy and freedom should remain idealseveryone must have their own undeconstructiblesthere are situations in which we will not deconstructwe must yearn for our ideals idea
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